Treat Yo Self Gift Guide

Treat yo self or your favorite mama with a delightful gift! We’ve rounded up some adorable picks (some with speedy shipping) that any mama will love.✿

1. Sweeper and Funnel: You'll be waiting for the crumbs to drop, just to use this beautiful simple dustpan. It will keep you whistling while you clean. 

2. Herbarium: The perfect gift for your favorite gardener or those that love to cook. This beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of herbs designed to enrich our understanding of all their uses, from cooking to medicine―an ideal gift and a must-have for your own kitchen.

3. The Balm: This Nucifera balm is the bomb! You can apply this versatile product abundantly to your face, hair, scalp, skin, hands, feet, nails and more to experience this all-in-one creation. Each jar is formulated by hand in Venice Beach, CA and made in small batches to ensure each offering is of the purest and highest quality. 

4. Striped Canvas Back PackThe perfect everyday bag by Baggu. This simple canvas satchel is durable enough for daily essentials. We love it keep your hands free for managing the littles. Roomy, but still neatly sized.

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