Pair it

Books + a toy, yes please! Pairing a little something special with a coordinating children’s book makes the most delightful gift for any age. Following a theme is a piece of cake when your starting point is a beautifully illustrated story, rich with inspiration. Pairings add value to both components and encourage kids to use their imaginations; an enticing toy builds intrigue in reading a new tale. Creating connections. There is nothing cuter than watching a little one cuddle a new stuffy, or figure out a new toy (perhaps a magic wand, Potter fans?), while reading about that same character in their new book.

Pro tip: A smaller toy can be attached to the outside of a wrapped book as part of the gift presentation; a sneak peek to kickstart the excitement for what’s inside!


Pairs that are most-definitely better together:

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild and Schleich Tiger Toy Figure



Pizza Interactive Recipe Book + Children's Rolling Pin

The Colorful World of Dinosaurs + Holztiger Brontosaurus Toy Figure



National Parks of the USA + Cute Wood Camera + National Park Passport Journal

Tokyo Digs a Garden + Blockitecture Garden City



Sparky! + Sloth Animal