Naps fix everything!

Seriously they really do! And we are totally missing our toddler’s afternoon naps right now.☽ So we have rounded up our sleep inducing nap time favorites to relive the good ol' days. Nap on, little ones.

1. Bibs Pacifiers: Made in Denmark, the bib pacifier has been a favorite for parents, doctors and of course babies for over forty years! 

2. Crib Sheet: We adore this super adorable Underwater Love crib sheet by Rookie Humans! Each sheet is illustrated to be like a page in a storybook where baby is the protagonist.

3. Swallow mobile: Little ones will drift off to slumber watching the birds elegantly float in constant motion. This beautiful high end swallow mobile is handmade in Denmark.

4. Sparrow crib: Its high quality and sturdy construction means it will last for generations. 


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