5 Awesome Bento Box tips

We’ve pretty much given up on sandwiches over here after they come home without even one bite. Anyone else? That’s why we are loving this Bento-style lunch box with separate leak-proof compartments. Easy peasy Japanesey. ☻

1. Keep it colorful: Add a rainbow of colors with different veggies and fruit hues.

2. Bite sized morsels: With small bites it's easy for your kiddo to pop them into their mouths while they are socializing at lunch time. 

3. Mini Chef it: Get those mini chefs involved and helping to prep for lunches.

4. Add a note: A special note from mom or dad is always nice!

5. Skip the sammy: We fill with all sort of yummy goodies like cut up fruits and veggies and call it a day! 

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Bento Box