Domo Arigoto Mr. Bento Box

Who doesn’t love a good party, especially when it’s super simple to host? One of our family’s favorite party ideas is to feature the functional-yet-adorable bento box. Not only is the bento theme a nod to our Japanese roots, but it is ridiculously fun for kids (and adults) to customize their own bentos with colorful and tasty creations. Let’s face it, most of our social gatherings revolve around food. So why not make it the focus (or ‘make it an activity’ or ‘make it the star of the show’)? You’ll be surprised how engaging it is for all ages to get hands-on with their bento, and even more pleased to discover how effortless it is to host! Minimal prep and no fuss entertainment. Easy peasy Japanesey.

A more interactive and constructive way to play with one's food.

Fill treats bags with little candies like Hi-chews (we love the lilikoi flavor)

Roll your own sushi or have kids take part in the fun! This roll, wrap and slice sushi counter toy is super cute and complete with all the parts and instructions for sushi playtime with the tiniest of chefs.

Striped Party Favor Bags, Sushi Counter Toy, Bento Box, Wood Chopsticks